Journal of Health and Environmental Research

Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2019

  • Prevalence and Epidemiological Profile of Accidents with Exposure to Blood Among Health Professionals in Two Hospitals in the North of Togo

    Wasungu Bassokla Ditorguena, Djalogue Prisca, Agbobli Yawo Apelete, Dadjo Soukouna Francis, Sidy Dia, Mame Coumba Gaye Fall, Ekouevi Koumavi Didier, Wognin Sangah, Ndiaye Mor, Bonny Jean-Sylvain, Sow Mamadou Lamine

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2019
    Pages: 95-100
    Received: 24 June 2019
    Accepted: 14 October 2019
    Published: 5 December 2019
    Abstract: Accidents with exposure to blood (AEBs) remain a reality in healthcare settings and are, by their frequency, a major concern for health professionals. This study was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of AEBs history, to identify the types, circumstances and mechanisms of occurrence and to describe the practices of health professionals with respe... Show More
  • Investigation of Selected Heavy Metal Ions in Irrigation Water, Soil and Managu (Solanum Nigrum) from Homahills, Homabay County, Kenya

    Teresa Akenga, Emmy Kerich, Ayabei Kiplagat, Vincent Sudoi, Cyrus Kuya

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2019
    Pages: 101-106
    Received: 26 November 2019
    Accepted: 16 January 2020
    Published: 18 February 2020
    Abstract: Levels of selected heavy metals of Mn, Cd, Pb, Zn, Fe and Co were evaluated in irrigation water, soil and managu (Solanum Nigrum) from Homahills, Homabay County, Kenya. The samples were collected purposively and randomly then transported to KALRO Kericho to be analysed using Inductive Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy. Descriptive statis... Show More